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In today’s society, we don’t often see young people reaching out to their communities without expecting anything in return. This it what makes the aim of the RuJohn Foundation so refreshing. This nonprofit organization is run by an impressive group of high school students. These teenagers work hard to organize sports camps, book drives, computer donations, and school supplies collections for rural schools in Jamaica. Although each member of the group lives in America, they make it their goal to give back to those students who do not have the advantages of many American schools.

The foundation began in 2003 in honor of Ruth and John Tulloch, the grandparents of CEO andPresident Andrew and Christina Bachelor. Ruth and John taught their children to help those who can’t help themselves. To commemorate their memory, their grandchildren, Andrew and Christina, started the foundation. Since its inception, the foundation has conducted five celebrity sports camps across the island, collected supplies for hurricane victims, and donated 40 computers and 900 books to various schools in Jamaica.

Within the next year, the foundation hopes to deliver more school supplies, books, and computers in addition to wall-mounted fans to its partner schools. Also, they plan to host another sports camp in June. The foundation is always looking for new sponsors to aid them in their endeavors. These young individuals have worked hard to show their love for their heritage and hope to continue this trend in the future.

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